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Garuda Construction Team is a professional team that can handle your building project from start to finish We will handle your project and transform your blueprints to reality with incredible commitment and timely completion


Start since 2011 for Construction as multitalented general contractor committed to proving efficiency and reability with every job. Project completed include commercial and residential construction, historical renovations, Themed restaurant and industrial development. Your Project will develop on time on budget, and well-organized project Management.


We also provide work for Piping such as, Pipe line, Pipe support, and others Piping Work, we have Welder Class-1 GTAW & SMAW (Combination Welder), Welder GTAW/SMAW, and also GTAW Welder both of them already certify from Authorize Dept in Goverment of Indonesia.


Instead of Piping and Construction, we also work for Pilling, we have 3 Tons and 5 Tons Disel Hammers complete with operators.