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For Security work, we provide the following services

Guarding (Security Services)

One of our major services is to provide security solutions to clients.

We have trained numerous of Security Guards that’s related to their jobs. We are committed to a crime-free environment and we know that there is no how we can achieve this without adequate professional trainings. Our men are mentally, physically, psychologically and educationally equipped to meet your security needs. We prioritize excellence and competence. This is why our manpower development initiative has been the best. When we deploy officers to your site, you can rest assured that they will tackle all your security problems headlong



Cash In transit

We provide compensation for the loss of the insured object in the form of cash (Cash), demand deposits, securities (Bank Notes), postal money orders, stamp duty, Checks, Money Orders belonging to the insured due to being robbed during the transportation process.


Security Training

There are 3 levels of security guard training, namely:

1.Gada Pratama (Basic)

2.Gada Madya (Supervisor)

3.Gada Utama (Manager and Up)

Basic (Gada Pratama)

This is a mandatory basic training for prospective security guards. The duration of the training is four weeks with a pattern of 232 lesson hours. Training materials such as : Interpersonal Skills; Professional ethics; Main Duties, Functions and Roles of Security Guards, Limited Police Capability; Self-defense; Introduction of Explosives; Valuables and Shooting Practice; Knowledge of Narcotics, Psychotropics and Other Addictive Substances; Use of Police Sticks and Handcuffs; Knowledge Line Marching and Respect.






Supervisor (Gada Madya),

This is an advanced training for members of security guards who already have Gada Pratama qualifications. The duration of the training is two weeks with a pattern of 160 lessons.


Security Manager and Up (Gada Utama)

is a training that can be attended by anyone at the manager level, namely the chief security officer or security manager. Pattern of 100 hours of lessons.

In addition to state police educational institutions such as the State Police School, only companies that already have an operational permit from the Head of the National Police as a business entity for security education and training services may conduct basic security training and advanced training. Metropolitan Police, Metropolitan Police, Resort Police, Sector Police only conduct capacity maintenance/refreshment training for members of Gada Pratama and Gada Madya security guards who have qualifications.



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